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Salvatore Agostino is the driving force behind Adelaide Faces Agency.

For over thirty five years Salvatore has been busy scouting, training and managing actors and models and is responsible for assisting many to achieve great heights in the entertainment industry.

Salvatore has a reputation for being one of the most respected and well-liked individuals in the Australian casting scene.

It goes without saying Salvatore's work has always provided excellence, quality and professionalism.

"Our workshops are designed to prepare talent to have a competitive edge in today's entertainment industry"

In addition to providing diverse acting and modelling workshops, we also provide our talent with the platform to be scouted by the top international talent agencies.

Adelaide Faces Agency is located in the City Rundle Mall Myer Centre and provides a private centrally located space for both commercial applications and tuition.
Salvatore Agostino
Founded in 1990, Adelaide Faces Agency has grown to be Adelaide's premier training ground for up-coming actors and models.

Adelaide Faces Agency has helped to nurture and create many of Australia's top talent professionals with over three decades of industry experience and is responsible for launching many actors and models careers.

We offer a highly personalized approach to developing talent. Each one of our actors and models is carefully selected by our (TMT) Talent Management Team, who ensure that talent is correctly placed in productions in a manner that utilises their natural creative abilities, enabling them to contribute in a more unique and significant way.

We set ourselves apart from our peers by remaining boutique-sized and by fostering and maintaining meaningful relationships with our industry partners.

Adelaide Faces Agency has achieved a significant industry presence, discovering and developing some of the greatest talents in the world.

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